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Since 2000 we have worked with over 200 schools and have co-written more than 2000 original songs with students, published more than 50 CD's for schools.

The process is Class cooperation, collective, progressive and in line with each schools teaching standards.  Students choose subjects to write about, we ask questions to spark their creativity and the words begin to flow quicker than we can write so Elizabeth follows closely with her typing skills. 



Will it work with kindergarten? 


Will it work with 8th grade? 


Can we afford it? 


Every situation has been tested and proven successful for everyone.

Cowboy Buck & Elizabeth's Mission

"Our mission is to be a support for our youth, parents, teachers and community"





"We only fully understood the depth and breadth of the connection you made with our kids when they requested their CD for the 17th time.  We are thankful you were willing to work with our school and parents organization to make this event possible."  Jane Harnagy, parent



Here are just a few things that have transpired from songwriting workshops with students.

1.  A school hand delivered their song "We've Got the Power" to the White House in DC as they received a blue ribbon for their dedication to the "No-Child-Left-Behind" program.


2.  "Big, Big Toy" was used on radio to raise money for a playground that got vandalized in Moses Lake.


3.  "America", was adopted from one school to another to be used in their web site presentation as background music.  By the way this web site won the national award in 2004.


4.  "U.S.A." was performed by a class from New Plymouth Elementary at the Boise State Capital for a State Wide Principals Convention.

Workshop Details:  Word Document or PDF Format

Learning Program
  - See and hear "Education Through Entertainment" in action
  - What do others say about this "Award Winning Process"
  - Hear actual songs created by the young students from Elementary Schools


Our "Education Through Entertainment" assemblies now include songs written and requested by other schools. 


These workshops have been used as fund raisers, reward to WASL students, literature, creative writing and more ...


Words can't express the excitement from students when they write, record and perform their songs with full vocals, instrumentation and a professional CD to keep.

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