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 For K - 6th Grades
(25 years)

Create a Custom CD for Your School!

Buck & Elizabeth make it simple & maximize time. 

The Process

The Goal is to "write" a group song and actually put it to music.  We emphasize four paths of songwriting:

When searching for new information, you become an Explorer.

When you are turning your resources into new ideas, you become an Artist.

When you are evaluating the merits of an idea, you become a Judge.

When you are putting your idea into action, you become a Warrior.



A Typical "3 Day" Project

  • School Assembly (optional)
  • 1, 45 minute session per class to discuss and begin the writing process
  • 1, 45 minute session with same classes to Record and teach performance.
  • Celebration assembly with entire school and new songs
  • Evening parent/public concert
    • Live performance of the songs
    • Optional selling of music CD as a Fun'Raiser for the School

Every CWP is designed to meet the teacher's schedule.  Over 300 songs have already been written with students brainstorming for subjects on, but not limited to the following: Friendship, bullying, characteristics, diversity, America, Dinosaurs, science, math, history, school theme songs and even "Flying Fuzzy Purple Pigs Took of Pluto".   Students remember, years later, the songs written with Buck & Elizabeth.  They are checked out at their local library and aired on their local radio station.  Keeping music alive in schools when times are every changing with the creativity of students.




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